Allthough I’m not a designer by profession I see myself as fairly skilled at website development. Encompassing the whole process of domain registration, design, setup of content management systems, website promotion as well as the later management of a website and webserver including e-mail. Some of my strongpoints:

  • Being able to communicate technical issues to normal people and find solutions that suit your needs.
  • Rapid configuration and inexpensive hosting of new and old websites using the open source blogging system WordPress. While originally developed as a blogging tool, WordPress can serve a great variety of websites. Having millions of users also means it sees rapid development of the core, themes (free designs) and plugins (for extra functionality).
  • Setup and support of e-mail with your own domain hosted with Google Apps or other services.
  • Personal and tailored customer support.

If you read Norwegian head over to diehtu.no and read more about the company I’m running the business through.