I’m for hire again

New life situation makes for new needs :-) I’m for hire as webdeveloper again, mostly through the company of an old colleague called Retina A/S. What would you hire me for?

Well mostly the whole internet presence I can handle, easily and with flexibility suited to your or your companys need. Nice discounts or no-cost for friends. Here’s some of what:

  • Web and e-mail hosting (for extremely low or no cost since the solutions I use are either hosted on my own server or with Google for free)
  • Domain registration and management.
  • Website planning, evaluation and development
  • Installation of Content Management System to provide for easy website management by one or thousands of users (Mostly using the fabulous open source tool called WordPress)
  • Mailinglist management
  • Training and courses to ensure you or your users know how to manage the system.
  • Search Engine Optimizatio – making sure that your website shows up on Google for what you define as your most important key-words.
  • Advisory on current website and services – giving or seeking answers to any question one may have about the cyberspace.
  • Easy to manage remote backups for small business/single users.
    Ie. a nice way to ensure that you don’t loose your documents and pictures by storing a copy on a server somewhere else in the world.

As I plan to do webdevelopment as a part-time job I/we are looking for time limited development projects. That is projects where I can do intensive and time-consuming development over the winter months and minimal follow-up from May to November.

Get in touch if you have questions.

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