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Diehtu – my web company

Seeing that the news were slightly in lack of updating I thought I’d make a clarifying news post. While now working at the University of Tromsø International Office I still keep my company Diehtu on the side. For development of easy to use WordPress based websites. Low-cost, non-profit pricing and full control for the customer. […]

I’m for hire again

New life situation makes for new needs :-) I’m for hire as webdeveloper again, mostly through the company of an old colleague called Retina A/S. What would you hire me for? Well mostly the whole internet presence I can handle, easily and with flexibility suited to your or your companys need. Nice discounts or no-cost […]

What’s this LinkedIn thing?

The past couple of months I’ve been harassing my friends and former colleagues with something that could be deemed spam by some. For this I apologise. Even if rushed it was with good intentions. I first got an invite to LinkedIn by my former master thesis supervisor. Usually sceptic to such online networking «schemes» I […]

Owning your e-mail address for $10 a year

Hard to keep in touch when your work e-mail changes, or you change internet provider at home (and thus the address changes) and you’re not too happy with the advertising that goes with some of the free e-mail services?Getting your own domain (like or is easy and cheap. To setup e-mail addresses using […]